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A new generation of racquets for maximum spin and feel

The new Pure Aero range evolves once again with a unique approach centered on your game.
You will find an answer suited to your needs showcasing the spin that is in you! Do you have powerful strokes and want to dictate the point with controlled spin? Choose the Pure Aero!


Discover everything you need to know about the New Pure Aero: racquet specifications, technologies and what is the perfect combination to produce the ultimate spin!

Pure Aero
+ RPM Rough
= Ultimate Spin​

Your strings are the engine of your racquet. Finding the right string for your game is as important as choosing the right racquet.

Combine the Pure Aero with RPM Rough String for unmatched contact with the ball, string snapback, and ultimate spin generation. ​



Which Spin Player are you? ​

Fast Spin: You’re on the attack, looking to move forward and hit the ball on the rise. Your aggressive game demands control for hitting sharp angles and dictating with precision. The Pure Aero 98 will take your game to the next level. See you on tour? ​

Strong Spin: Naturally strong, you hit powerful shots at the peak of the ball’s bounce. Spin lets you hit your opponents off the court and finish points with powerful winners. Dominate with the Pure Aero!​

Heavy Spin: From deep in the court, you break down the competition with heavy and explosive shots. You create opportunities by pushing your opponents deep in the court. Grind on and play legendary with the Pure Aero Rafa. ​



Pure Aero Technologies​

FSI SPIN: An open string pattern for maximum spin generation. Includes the WOOFER SYSTEM, which lengthens the contact time between the ball and the string, increasing control and enhancing comfort.​

SWX Pure Feel: An advanced vibration dampening material integrated into the graphite of the racquet for pure feel and incredible sound.​

NF² – Tech: Flax inserts strategically located in the frame allow for optimal shock absorption and enhanced playability. ​

AEROMODULAR³: An AERODYNAMIC FRAME that integrates the bumper and grommets into the racquet head, letting you swing faster and generate more spin.​


Подобри своята игра с най-добрите серии тенис ракети, представени от BABOLAT. Вижте ги по-долу и си изберете най-подходящата за Вас.

Babolat Pure Drive Babolat Pure Aero Babolat Evo Drive
Babolat Pure Strike Babolat Junior

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